Last Updated August 5, 2021

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Please be advised: Currently, there are restrictions and circumstances that hinder travel depending on your mode of transportation.

In short, all travel destinations will actively test travelers that arrive via land (Truck, Bus, personal car) or air (Domestic flight) for Covid, and any travelers coming from Stay at Home townships will be required to quarantine for 10 days. (UPDATED: Prior to July 5, 2021 these measures only applied to Yangon, Naypyitaw, and Mon State)

Please see the Flymya Travel Updates & 'Travelling by ...' pages for more detailed information.

Flymya Travel Updates

Rules for (Non) Stay-at-Home Townships

Traveling by Airplane

Traveling by Car

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Where can I find which flights are available again?

The airlines are still announcing their flight schedules. You can find an overview of all scheduled routes and dates on this page:

Domestic Flights

Are buses operating?

The available schedules of the buses can be checked here.

International Air Travel to and from Myanmar

Is Myanmar open?

Suspension of international flights to and from Myanmar (except for Relief flights) has been extended until 31st July 2021 .

Are International Flights operating?

Relief Flights are available - please contact us for more information or have a look the this page:

Relief Flights

Most of the international flights in Myanmar are currently not running. MNA and MAI are operating relief flights to Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai. Please make sure you book flight tickets at least 5 working days prior to your travel date.

Information about relief flights can be found here.

International Airlines